MADE for the better

MADE is of New Zealand, here in New Zealand, for the future of New Zealanders. MADE Cities is our community building division. It is where we test our thinking and implement our doing, creating systems for making cities that leave nobody behind.

We do this in New Zealand not only because it is our home, but because it is a place that is not lost in a paradigm of history.

Aotearoa is a place forged from a spirit of endeavour and ingenuity. A place that welcomes and embraces new thinking, rises to new challenges and fosters a culture of collaboration.

Edin Rotokauri will be inspired by the same human-centric approach, drawing on the same wisdom and values that underpin all MADE Cities' creations.

Made with passion. Made for the better. Made with wisdom. Made for people.

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Delivered on principles

These are not idle ideals, these are the fundamentals on which all MADE creations are delivered. With Edin Rotokauri, we are actively engaging local partnerships, designing outcomes, dreaming the impossible - to set the foundations for a better city and a better way to live in the Waikato.

These principles will be equally evident in Edin Rotokauri, as they have proven valuable in Auranga.

See the Auranga instagram or facebook for more information

Empowering Communities

Going beyond the infrastructure and houses to play a key role in the societal building blocks that allow a community to thrive & belong.

Human-centric Design & Development

Innovatively master-planned to meaningfully connect a wide range of land uses through human-centric design and sustainable urban planning.

Integrated Transport

We believe access to efficient and sustainable journeys to connect with people is crucial to building a city of true belonging.

Health & Wellbeing

Community-focused, accessible health services designed to provide for residents mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Engagement with Employment

Access to dignified employment opportunities is a necessary ingredient for communities to flourish and for residents to truly belong.

Platform for the Arts & Culture

MADE strongly believes that the arts and its unique ability to express, heighten and heal is crucial to building a community of belonging.

Transformative Commercial Practices

We believe private sector enterprises inherently owe a great social responsibility to society and communities at large.

Environment & Sustainability

We seek to preserve a balance between urban development and sustainable stewardship of the natural environment.

Cultural Heritage – Taonga Tuku Iho

A recognition of the treaty-based partnership between the Crown and Maori has led MADE to initiate and support the establishment of a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with mana-whenua Iwi within the rohe of its developing communities.

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