The canvas of
a new creation

Edin Rotokauri is positioned at the northern gateway to the heart of the mighty Waikato - a place renowned for being New Zealand's food basket, magnificent ecology, and one of the fastest growing regions.

Edin Rotokauri is a place of new beginnings and new life, but it is also a playground to explore the fundamentals of a truly fertile community, starting with food, sound, touch and sight.

We're exploring how the basics of nature, food and water, can give us a shortcut to the deeper things in life like trust, honour, creativity, authenticity, health, diversity and social accessibility.

Our approach recognises the importance of preserving and promoting the unique, defining character of abundance Rotokauri and the Waikato region are know for - breathtaking ecology, produce, agriculture and horticulture - just to name a few.

The name - meaning ‘abundant, lush plain or steppe near a river’ - celebrates the surrounding natural environment and the land’s geographical spirit. It is also a nod to the nature and garden experience we hope to retain in this new community as we emphasise green spaces for residents to enjoy and explore what is possible when we easily reconnect with nature.  

A place in which the love and care, of the many generations of families farming and nurturing the lush, rolling pasture and soft valleys is still evident today.

A place that deserves the upmost guardianship for what has gone before, faithful stewarding of the future to come. Kaitiakitanga, for the better.

Cnr. Te Kowhai Rd & Burbush Rd

  • Landmass of approx. 137ha

  • Adjoins SH39 and SH1 accessible by close proximity

  • 2ha native eco-forest

  • An integrated transport strategy

  • Capacity for up to 2,000 homes

  • New Primary School confirmed

  • Village centre community hub

  • New commuter train station located approx. 2km to the east

  • Residents’ Association as a hub for community empowerment

  • Convenient connections to The Base (Te Awa) and the rest of Hamilton City

  • Prominent and accesible eco-greenways and stormwater ponds

  • Safe, interconnected boulevards with dedicated micro-mobility access